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Latest in Spotlight

By Tricia Romano
This week at the movies: Will Farrell and Kevin Hart acting ridiculous in an opposites-attract buddy movie; and something purple and squishy acts adorable for the kids… Read More »
By Katharine Scrivener
Indigo – a bold yet calming color that is being seen more and more as a decorating neutral. To help you get on the latest style bandwagon, we’ve compiled the easiest ways to incorporate this beautiful blue into your everyday decor… Read More »
Ever wonder how Jennifer Lopez achieves her flawless beauty? Sure, good genes play a role, but a good make-up routine also helps. In this video, Mary Phillips, Ms. Lopez’s make-up artist, shares some of this pop icon’s beauty secrets… Read More »
By Katharine Scrivener
Socks. For some reason they seem to be a tricky accessory for men, often wearing the wrong pair with their outfit. Gone are the days of boring socks - black, navy, and brown can now be switched out for bright colors and bold patterns. And we’re here to tell you how… Read More »
By Tricia Romano
This week at the movies: Shailene Woodley tries to save the world; Sean Penn attempts the action hero thing; and Cybill Shepherd returns to the big screen for a Christian family film… Read More »
Western inspired fashion is a hot trend right now, and it’s one of the most wearable. You can embrace this trend “whole-hog” or just incorporate a few elements. Either way, you will be ready to ride (fashionably) into the sunset… Read More »
By Samantha Gurrie
Exercising and eating healthy are the first steps to slimming down, but if you want to look fit sooner than later, how you dress can make a big difference. Here, we’ve narrowed down (pun intended) the best style secrets to looking svelte… Read More »
Whether you're in Buckhead, downtown, or east Atlanta, you’ll find a medley of fashion styles ranging from cool and classic to funky, but each with a traditional southern vibe. Watch as Stephanie Granada from Southern Living shows us how the south does style... Read More »
By Rebecca Paiement
Spring brings out nature’s best and brightest. This season, follow Mother Nature’s path by treating your wardrobe to a perfect citrus punch with the addition of tangerine hues in cosmetics, clothing and accessories, too… Read More »
By Tricia Romano
This week at the movies: a fairytale, an action flick, and a horror story… Read More »


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